66 Day Challenge

Create habits for positive leadership that lasts with the 66 day challenge.


Being a great leader is rarely about having the right answer, but is instead about how you approach situations, opportunities and team development. The way you engage with your team members, build rapport and stay motivated is what defines you as a leader.  And it all comes down to building good habits that transform from the inside out (what I call attributes versus behavior in Leadership Lessons).

Old research states you can make something a habit in 21 days. However, this research was flawed and has since been updated. New research supports that it takes 66 days to make something a habit when combined with the right tactics and planning. Although the idea of building a habit in 21 days sounds a lot easier to achieve, great leadership cannot be achieved with a '6 minute abs' approach. That's where my 66 Day Challenge comes into play.

How It Works

66 Days

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 4

Phase 3

Detox to Retox

Identify and remove old habits and mindset.

Reprogramming the Inside

Creating positive habits that transform internal attributes.

Reprogramming the Outside

Creating habits that manifest externally in behavior.

Build Accountability Habits


Building on Phase 2 and 3, build habits that keep habits in check.

The 66 day challenge is broken up into four phases based on research on reprogramming human behavior. Each phase has its own purpose and outcome, as well as its own duration. In Phase 1, we focus on tactics that detox our minds and bodies from habits that do not serve us as leaders or the teams we lead. In phase 2, we begin rebuilding, or reprogramming as I prefer to say, and refocus our internal compass with habits that shape our motivations and empathy. Phase 3 builds on the internal attributes we've begun to shape and adds new habits that create external behavior, including both behind closed doors and when others encounter us. In the last phase, we take a look at your progress and identify areas that may be more challenging to adhere to long-term and outline habits for keeping you in check through the ebbs and flows of office dynamics.

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