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Leadership Assessment

For executive leaders looking to better understand which areas to focus on in their leadership development, the assessment tool is a great start.

Often times, Executive Leaders know there are areas they want to strengthen across their leadership teams, but aren't quite sure where to begin. Or, Executive Teams have a vision for what to focus on, but it is misaligned with the needs of their leaders and teams and they spend valuable time and money on training that doesn't address core challenges. That's where my Leadership Assessment tool comes in handy.

My proprietary assessment process compares aggregated insights from a combination of tools designed to identify the key focus areas for your leadership coaching. The assessment aims to uncover institutional, skill, and mental/emotional strengths and weaknesses based on key principals within emotional intelligence, which provides longer-lasting impact from the top down.

This assessment is available for purchase on its own without a long-term engagement, but is included as part of the leadership coaching package for executive teams.