Leadership Coaching

As an author on Leadership, and 16-year professional, I draw on emotional intelligence balanced with pragmatism to provide training and guidance to leaders to sharpen their inherent leadership skills to better motivate teams, and explore the essence of leadership development with empathy, trust and transparency.

Great leadership is based on honesty, authenticity and meaningful relationships. But the day-to-day reality is that we're faced with situations and placed in dynamics that can be difficult to navigate in a way that balances team needs, personal needs, and company needs. How do you instill pride, provide support and develop your team, while staying motivated yourself and maintaining trust on both sides of the aisle. 

My Leadership Coaching sessions focus on guiding leaders through change, honing effectiveness, and maintaining self-motivation as they lead their teams with empathy and trust. There are two offering categories: ongoing coaching sessions & trainings, complimented by my tools, such as the workbooks and book

Coaching Sessions

Individual Professionals

In one-on-one session, I help guide leaders as they develop in the 6 key areas of leadership, drawing on emotional intelligence principals. Our sessions focus on challenge areas in the workplace to strengthen and provide accountability toward your goal.

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Leadership Development

Corporate Offerings

In trainings, I work with leaders through a series of exercises that help build positive habits, tactics that build an empathetic mindset, and approaches to building trust & transparency in every day situations.

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Methodology & Perspective


My approach to leadership development focuses on understanding human behavior and psychology and embedding empathy into the daily situations leaders work through. I consider a Leader to have 6 key areas, spanning both attributes and behaviors: empathy & mindfulness, honing effectiveness, managing stakeholders, self-motivation, honesty & integrity and conflict resolution. These six key areas focus on the foundational beliefs and behaviors of a good leader and how those then impact daily circumstances.


While equipping you with decision making tools and modalities of thinking, coaching sessions aim to more specifically guide you in:

  • Honing Effectiveness - I aim to explore the dynamic of your team and equipping you with tools for understanding how to best connect with teams and encourage the best work.  This includes time management, prioritization, strategic thinking and decision-making, and communication. 

  • Inspiration & Motivation -  It is easy to get lost in the tactical work and churn of deliverables, and not so easy to maintain your motivation as a leader while you give of yourself to motivate others. In our sessions, we discuss ways in which you can build and maintain self-motivation to inspire your team members through ebbs and flows.

  • Guiding Change - The world, our culture and our people are in a state of constant change with an added layer of constant change in the workplace with shifting roles and team members. Our sessions help guide leaders through the challenge of managing,, understanding and leading with empathy through change.

Digital Reading

Get the Book

Success starts with what is happening top-down. In my latest book, I discuss the attributes and behaviors of leaders who build effective teams with trust, empathy and transparency.