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Leadership: Lessons from a Team Captain draws on the experience of Speaker, Marketer and Teacher, Founder, and Self-Proclaimed Pocket Cheerleader, Ciara Ungar, as an athlete and the study of today’s greatest names in sports, such as Kobe Bryant, Alex Morgan and Drew Brees, to identify characteristics and behaviors that we see in team captains in sports that are applicable to the business world. Building on a foundation of the psychology of leadership dynamics, this book explores generational gaps between traditional and new age office environments, the invisible ideal of perfection, intrinsic motivation, one-on-one relationships, trust-building and more, challenging leaders to rethink how they define a team leader and the characteristics that are inherently required.


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Sneak Peak

  • Leadership styles from the most beloved team captains in sports and how the elements of their approach relate to real-world businesses.

  • Modalities for building trust with your team members.

  • Fostering empathy within teams through leadership.

  • Approach to self-motivation when leading teams.

  • Maintaining transparency during challenging situations or executive decisions you may not align with.

Meet the Author

Ciara Ungar is a New York City-based life-long marketer and teacher, speaker, writer, Lyme Warrior, wellness fanatic, founder of an organization that supports the homeless community, and self-proclaimed pocket cheerleader. As a valued contributor to the advertising & marketing industry, she is an Innovation Women Speaker, teacher of Digital Marketing, and Forbes Contributor. Ciara earned a Bachelors in Communication, Psychology and Writing from Purdue University and a Masters from Georgetown University in PR/Corporate Communications with a focus on Integrated Marketing. She has studied and practiced in the field of psychology and communications for the last 16 years and has applied those principles to personal and professional life, challenging herself and others to show up for their own success.