Marketing Consulting

I work with brands and decision-makers to identify new areas of opportunity and work through a strategic approach to solving their digital, business and marketing challenges. 

Whether your challenge is business growth, marketing, branding or creative strategy, let's work together to amplify your message and build your strategy. I offer a variety of services highlighted below and, on occasion, partner with the industry's top talent to deliver the best results. 

Brand Storytelling

What do you want to say about your brand that is truly unique? I help brands identify unique positioning and frame those messages around customer-centric behaviors.


We're in an exciting point in marketing history where traditional and digital channels are colliding, while businesses doors are both virtual and physical. I help brands define their business growth and find new ways to reach their customers in an omnichannel experience. Choose from three types of strategies.

Insights & Planning

Everything we do in business begins with insights and planning. I work with brands to help outline go-to-market planning, identify areas of opportunity for business growth by conducting landscape, competitor, audience research and identifying tension points and white space.

What Is Included:

  • Choose from three types of strategies or a consulting session. 

  • Strategies include a kick off meeting during which we discuss your goals and outline the needs for your strategy. 

  • Strategies include landscape, channel audit, competitor, and audience research.

  • Based on the strategy you purchase, it may include Brand Strategy, Business Strategy, Channel Strategies, Creative Strategies.

  • Marketing ecosystems are included in all strategy types.

  • Professionally designed strategy deck valuable for internal buy-in.

  • Channel strategies may cover: Website, SEO, Social Media, SEM, Paid Social Media, Events, Influencer, PR. 

What Is Not:

  • Strategies do propose an execution plan, which can include my support. However, ongoing support is not part of the initial strategy purchase, this is scoped separately.

  • Ongoing guidance past the strategy deliverable is not included, although ongoing consultation or coaching is a separate option.