• Ciara Ungar

4 Ways to Dress Up a Sweatshirt for Baseball Season

It’s my favorite time of the year - baseball season (ok ok, it’s also SUMMER)! As you may know, I’m born and raised a Chicago Cubs fan, and that means it’s often hard to get home to see a game as much as I’d like, since I live in New York City. Luckily, I have some great local teams I can root for. The Mets are a nice low-key team, but I’ve found myself gravitating toward the historical Yankees. The stadium is better, closer and just generally a little bit better of an experience. And… it’s the Yankees.

But, I’m guessing you likely didn’t stop by because you’re super into baseball like I am and don’t want to talk about which field has the best 1st base line seats.

In fact, most of you probably really just enjoy going to the games because it’s simply a fun thing to do with your main squeeze or friends this summer...AND they have frozen vodka lemonade. Naturally, you can’t go to one of the most Instagrammable events of the summer without looking super cute! Take it from this city chic lover, it’s hard to find that perfect balance of cute, comfortable, not too hot and not too flashy. Alas, I’m here to share with you one of my favorite finds of the season that can easily be dressed up to maintain that perfect balance of casual that keeps you from getting hackled for “wearing that to a baseball game.”

Etsy’s ThoseGameDayVibes has the only staple you’ll need. This ADORABLE sweatshirt is team-agnostic, so you can wear it to any game with a pop of team spirit. It is super soft and lightweight and most importantly – super cozy! And if sweatshirts feel a little too casual for you, I’ve got your back, girl! My favorite way to rock one is with a cute pop of chic, so I’m including for you here 4 ways to dress up this sweatshirt for game day – and also $5 off with code CIARASPRING (until June 8 only).

Add a Bow (or Two)

It’s no secret that I’m a girly girl. I can get down and dirty, but I also really love my bows. You can dress up your game-day sweatshirt with Rebecca Minkoff’s adorable and very “in” bow-flat, the Alexis Mule. This is that little pop of flare but also super comfortable for walking around all day. It also keeps your toes protected from the icky ground you’re walking around on.

Show Team Spirit

This sweatshirt is fairly neutral in color to keep things versatile, but you can add a pop of color to show your team spirit. Add an earring or a super cute handbag (stadium-restriction friendly) to bring in that pop. This handbag is from H&M and is a soft leather so it’s easy on the shoulder. It also has a drawstring to keep items secure and is very spacious.


For those really hot days, shorts are a must. Pair this sweatshirt with a cute torn short and your favorite sandal. My go-to sandals are on sale at Forever21 right now and were a rare find. I have tagged here a similar sandal from Tory Burch. I love the look of this sandal because it’s a little extra classy to dress up your outfit. When you have too many small straps, the sandal looks a little more casual.

A Heel (Yes, a Heel)

I have received so much backlash for wearing heels to baseball games. For me, heels (the right heels) are simply more comfortable because I have really arched feet. Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson are my go-to heels for comfort. The heels in this photo are a 3” stiletto, but you can choose to do a more block-style or wedge if that’s more comfortable for you.

Moral of the story is, DO YOU. There are ways to dress up the most casual of items, as long as they’re the right items. I highly recommend grabbing this sweatshirt before it’s gone and finding ways to add a little something extra to make it ‘so you.’ Don't forget to use the code CIARASPRING for $5 off.

Happy Baseball Season!