• Ciara Ungar

Blogger Roundup

Ok, social fam! I've received some of the sweetest compliments lately and have to be completely transparent - not all my fashion & beauty trends are my own thoughts. In fact, many of them are inspired by some amazing ladies already killing it. I'm a fan of giving credit where credit is due, so I wanted to share with you a roundup of my favorite ladies on social to follow.


Savanah Poulsen @savanahpoulsen

I first came across Savanah's profile about a year ago and since then have come to really adore her for all things beauty and demeanor.

From a professional marketing perspective, Savanah absolutely nails content. It's always unique and creative so that you're never seeing the same thing twice. From a personal perspective, she's perfect. Savanah is a great role model for her little ones and all of her fans alike. She is kind, generous, encouraging of your inner beauty, and simply great. She also has a lot of integrity with her content. I once reached out to her to work on a collaboration for a brand I represented, and she gracefully declined because she represents other similar products. She's responsive and genuinely cares about her fans.

Dede Raad @dressupbuttercup

Dede wouldn't see herself as a beauty blogger, but she's definitely growing in this area. It's the main reason I follow her.

This soon-to-be mama is definitely adorable. If you like a more boho-fashion style, she's your girl! She reps Nordstrom and Amazon a lot, so if you're looking for good buys that check all these boxes, she's a great go-to. But like I said, she's more of a beauty inspo for me. She has recently gotten more into makeup tutorials, where I've grabbed a lot of my favorite beauty finds this summer. Her tutorials are raw and thorough and I appreciate the authenticity she brings to all her posts.


This is a tough one, because it's hard to pick just a few.

Kelly Bibza @dresswellbewell

I first came across Kelly's profile a few moths ago when I was looking for fellow Lyme Disease warriors to connect with. Since then, I've realized how much of a fashion spirit animal I have in her.

Whenever I'm looking for new fashion inspiration, I hop on to Kelly's Insta. There's no shortage of city chic and trendy looks on here. Usual price points of clothing are a little higher end, but I mean... totally worth it! She's also great for some wellness advice and I know I'd love to see more of this content from her.

Khanh Cagley @sweetandpetite_

Again, there are a lot of ladies out there with adorable fashion to choose from, but I have to pay tribute to my fellow petites.

This girl is absolutely adorable. I appreciate having someone who is also petite with the same sense of style because it's SO hard to find clothes that actually fit. She is a great mix of casual and dressy-cute, depending on the day and event. Her price points are mostly medium to lower, which is great for the LTK quick buy. I usually can trust size recommendations from Khanh, which is so great.


Juli Bauer Roth @paleomg

Hands down, this gal is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram.

Here's the thing, I honestly don't even overlap on most of the stuff she's about. I'm not Paleo, I'm not renovating my home, I'm not a gym junkie, etc. I first came across her profile when I was looking for a workout routine - so she's obviously doing something right - and I 100% love the butt workout I adopted from her social. She also has some yummy recipe ideas, but I have to limit what I can make from her recipe stash. Otherwise, I don't think we have a lot in common.

And you know what - who cares? I continue to follow her because she does't overly promote on her account and she is ALWAYS putting up unsolicited reviews of products... and they're hilarious! Take the travel pillow review for example. She gives authentic and entertaining reviews on all the stuff we don't normally think about, and for THAT reason I actually find I have more common interests than meets the eye. She's also naturally gorgeous and has some great style to latch onto.