• Ciara Ungar

For Noah

When my nephew was born, my world was changed. I never liked kids until he came along and he holds a special place in my heart because of this. His first Christmas was fun, but for me it was special. I wrote this poem for his first Christmas and framed it as a gift. For his birthday, I want to share it with my virtual family because it gives me all the feels every time I read it.

The day you were born there was a new star in the sky.

Joy filled the room, as we admired and cried.

The moment was beautiful, surreal, and neat

As daddy bent down in adoration and kissed your little feet.

The days, weeks, and months have gone by

But the tears are still streaming from all of our eyes.

From laughter, from joy, from sadness, and coo

It’s all because we are in love with you.

We wonder who your first best friend will be.

The one who will play beside you in the sand and respect a “no” or a “please.”

We wonder what kind of grades you will get or what sports you will play.

We wonder these things every day.

We are excited to know what you will look like next year,

But sad knowing one day you will grow up and be lead away from here.

On a journey, a path, God-honoring and true –

It’s all because we are in love with you.

When you go off to college and call home homesick,

We will look to each other and recall: “Time went by so quick.

Our baby boy, our prized possession,

Last year walked through his graduation procession.”

But time becomes breathtaking when your baby, now a young man,

Has just asked for a young woman’s heart and hand.

Dad will straighten your tie and mom will kiss your cheek

With the same tears of joy as in that first week.

You will walk down the aisle and say, “I do”

All because you are now in love, too.

We’ll watch the tear in your eye when you look down at your baby boy

When you will understand those same tears of joy.

The moment so beautiful, surreal, and neat

As, just like your daddy, you bend down and kiss his little feet.

And after you have experienced it, too – the same love, joy, and gratitude –

You’ll realize it was all because we are in love with you.