• Ciara Ungar

Getting Started with Your Routine

Let's be honest - getting started in your wellness journey is the hardest part. Every time I fall off the wagon, I find myself making up every excuse I can think of to get started again.

It's raining.

My body is sore today.

My stomach is upset from the dinner I had.

I have a busy day and can't get tired.

One of the toughest excuse for me to balance is the number of spoons I'm using. In the Lyme world, we have a methodology of managing our spoons - we tire easily and have to conserve our energy, which means we have to prioritize our energy across 3 spoons every day. What this has meant for me as a runner is that I have to constantly balance needing to workout for physical health and mental clarity with also knowing I need to have enough energy for whatever else I need to accomplish in the day. Inadvertently, this means I find myself often saying I don't have enough spoons for the day to go on a run.

And a lot of times that true, but not always and I have to catch myself from using my disease as a crutch.

Running during quarantine and keeping my routine has been critical to my mental and physical health, so I've come to terms with myself that I'm jobless and all of my spoons need to go into maintaining a discipline and routine right now. It's warmer weather right now so I've decided rain isn't totally a deal breaker. I am not leaving my hours otherwise so I'm not conserving my energy for anything else. And, well, there's bathrooms all around the running path I take so in the event my stomach is a wreck... so be it.

But running isn't something everyone can do long-term because of varying conditions - a hinderance I know too well from when I was at the height of my sickness. I run today because at one point I wasn't physically capable of doing so and now that I can, I'd be remiss if I didn't run in gratitude. But not everyone can say that, so to those folks I say this...

We all have our obstacles and running isn't always the solution. Maybe your routine needs to include a mental exercise, silence, stretching, telling yourself positive things about yourself, etc. Start with something simple - make your bed in the morning. From there, work yourself into other routines. Small accomplishments lead to bigger ones.

There are many routines we can all be doing right now and only excuses are in the way of that.

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