• Ciara Ungar

Insta Dri Nails

It's quarantine, and I've been jobless for months now. Needless to say, there's not a way for me to get my nails done. I recognize there are bigger challenges people are facing right now - including myself - so I love getting smalls wins wherever I can right now... my nails happens to be one of them.

Even thought I may not be hustling and bustling right now and actually have the time on my hands to let my nails dry, I have two cats lots of lent, and frankly its dang hot outside and would take forever for them to. Insert Sally Hansen's Insta Dri.

I've used other products on the market that claim instantly drying, but nothing has been as amazing as this brand. After trying it once, I went and bought almost every color. This polish dries within a few minutes and is thick enough to prevent chipping for more than a week. I am absolutely in love with this stuff and had to share it!

Get your wins where you can, my friend. Go get you some Insta Dri.

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