• Ciara Ungar

The Positive in Joblessness

One of the best lessons I've learned in quarantine is how to be happy with nothing. I lost my job so I don't have a purpose to work toward each day. I live alone so I don't have company to keep me entertained. And I'm not the only one...

More than ever I've learned that happiness doesn't come from the things that happen to or for me. Happiness comes from what I make out of the what I've been given. Quietness has a new meaning for me - it's an opportunity to define my own purpose and values without anything to influence it. Without the busy of the day stealing my momentum, I'm able to identify what makes me tick.

This year, we have the gift of time that we'll likely never have again in our lives. There is a lot of stress that can cloud recognizing that - we don't have jobs, so we're stressing about money and stretching to find ways to make some. But, we can only do some much of that in one single day and while maintaining our mental health. Since the beginning of quarantine, I have applied to nearly 1,000 jobs and received countless rejections. It's rejection on a scale I've never experienced and is hard to swallow. So I've learned I have to step away from applying and gig hunting after a certain number of hours each day in order to maintain my positivity. And when I've stayed disciplined in doing so, I've had better days that focus more on positives than negatives.

The positives right now are you get to pursue dreams of yours that you usually don't have the time to. Start a blog, write a book, read a book, learn a new skill, take free classes online - GET CREATIVE and exercise your mind. The best way to stay positive right now is to find happiness in the quiet, exercise your mind, quiet your soul.

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