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LIVE Strategy Lab

Create your marketing strategy in real-time in a guided LIVE workshop held once per month.


For small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a lot of information available when you're starting out and knowing which marketing programs are going to work best for you can be hard to navigate. In effort to grow as quickly as possible, business owners end up trying any and every tactic they come across but may not see the results they're looking for. I call this the spaghetti method: throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks. This ends up wasting money, time and energy.

I believe the secret to effective marketing is not a secret at all, it's about anchoring your tactics in a strategic vision based on audience behavior. I also believe not every business is in a place to spend $1,500 on a marketing strategy that someone else builds. So I have created a monthly LIVE Lab to help meet business owners where they are in their growth journey.

The LIVE Strategy Lab is held once a month and is a 3 hour workshop where I work directly with you to create your marketing strategy.  There is a limit of 5 seats per Lab to ensure enough attention and focus for each participant.

  • Research to identify your white space opportunities that inform your strategy and messaging.

  • Audience personas and Journey Maps based on audience behavior, not your "gut."

  • SMART Goals and KPIs that are measurable and make sense for your business and marketing.

  • Your channel ecosystem based on the type of industry you're in and what you offer.

  • Channel strategies to connect with your audience and grow your reach.

  • Planning your execution.

What I Cover

What to Expect


Each LIVE Strategy Lab is designed as an intimate and interactive setting so that you can walk away feeling empowered to take control of your marketing programs. The workshop is 3 hours in duration with scheduled breaks to stretch your legs and refill your coffee. Each segment has a practical application exercise where you have a chance to build your strategy in real time with my support. 

  • Labs are held on Zoom so you will want to download this application ahead of time

  • With your registration, you will receive 2 hours of consulting

  • Each session has a limited number of seats to ensure the right amount of attention and focus for each participant

  • You will receive tools as part of the Lab that you can use to implement your strategies