My Story

After 16 years in the marketing & advertising industry, I came to the realization I was most passionate about helping others succeed. I wrote a book on Leadership, harnessed my strengths in new ways, and took a leap of faith.


For 16 years, I have helped brands across industries identify new areas of opportunity and guided them through a strategic approach to solving their digital, business and marketing challenges and achieving their growth goals in unique ways. I started in business and marketing when we only had traditional channels and grew in my career through the digital evolution. I have degrees in Psychology, Marketing Communications, and Business Strategy which has given me the perfect 360 lens to consider marketing & business challenges for brands and how to uniquely overcome them. It's this deep understanding of the customer psychology and business levers to pull that have propelled my independent consulting career for the last 10 years. 

I have always been a bit of a pocket cheerleader, passionate about being a leader and lifting others up. In my journey, I have realized that the aspects of marketing & business that I have found most fulfilling have all pointed back to being able to help others achieve their goals, stay motivated in their pursuit, and feel proud of their growth. In working with hundreds of clients over the last 16 years, I have had the unique and amazing opportunity to hear from clients how they love my unique and empathetic approach and the value I provide in helping them clear the fog and see their path. So, I decided to redirect my knowledge and experience to empower others, leading me to pursue a path in developing business leaders who build better teams, consulting with brands who need marketing & business support, and coaching professionals as they look to solve their business challenges. 

Image by Rachel Moenning

My Approach

Your pocket cheerleader with business acumen.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) allows you to create positive interactions and is the first step in realizing your true potential. It is useful for business leaders because it helps individuals to communicate better, promote team effort and problem solve, and foster good customer relationships. It is equally useful when designing marketing solutions because it enables practitioners to understand their audiences and deliver consistent branding and content based on critical pain points and expectations across channels. 

When I work with clients, I begin with analyses that serve as a foundation for business and marketing decisions, whether you're looking to understand how to market across channels, to determine what your business offering should be, or how to lead better from the top down. My unique process allows me to dive deep and uncover motivators, challenges to achieving goals, and the human behavior that underpins business and professional success. I have created proprietary tools for each of my services, and you can learn more about each on the Services pages.